Rained On

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Why are you giving me that look?
I came home late, that’s all it took?
to set you off and make you mad
And now the weather’s getting bad
I thought that you might be asleep
You know the hours that I keep
Sometimes I gotta work late
It’s just another thing you hate

So tell me now,
I’d like to be perfect but I don’t know how
Nothing that I do is good enough for you
I just gotta wait until the storm is through
I walk in the room the clouds are gathering
Rain falls from the ceiling and it’s thundering
Nothing that I say is getting through to you
I just gotta wait until the storm is through
I’m sick of being rained on

You hate my job you hate my friends
Your love of hatred never ends
You hate the music that I play
I hate the storm that’s on the way
I know you’ll never change your tune
The hurricane is comin’ soon
And all that I can do is pray
that I can get out of the way

And when the lightning’s flashing and the thunder’s crashing you can outshout anyone
And now it’s raining sideways and the storm full of anger is blocking out the sun